About Us

We are Jewellery Entrepreneur with a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and customer experience Eon’s ago, when all creation was still coming to life, the divine craftsman - Lord Vishwakarma - archived his techniques across several books. These books were lost in time, until recently, one was found!

Steeped in history and rich in culture our humble beginnings hail from the town of Meerut. A few miles from here is the historic city of Hastinapur; The famed capital of the Kuru Kingdom as described in the epic Mahabharata. These ruins hold in their hearts many secrets and one, was about to be revealed to us.

Upon the inception of ‘LBV (La Belle Vie)’ we decided to journey to Hastinapur, to pay our respects to the fine craftsmanship of Lord Vishwakarma and seek his blessing. It is said that Hastinapur and Raavan’s Lanka were his finest works of art. From Indraprasatha (the city of the gods) to the Sudarshan Chakra (the weapon of vishnu), Vishwakarma’s excellence in engineering & craftsmanship earned him the title of Devshilpi or ‘The architect of the gods’. It is believed that his blessing will help an artist reach their true potential, we however, received so much more.

While exploring the bowels of this ancient city, we found a hidden passage leading to a secret chamber. In that chamber, covered in dust and protected from the prying eyes of the world we discovered an invaluable treasure. We found, ‘The Golden Book of Vishwakarma’. It’s pages held within them the ancient wisdom of gems, metals and the art of jewellery making.

Guided by the principles of Vishwakarma himself, LBV crafts it’s pieces to be a significant part of your world. Each piece is curated keeping in mind, faith, vastu, vedic sciences, and several other details. Modern technology blends with the techniques and wisdom of the ancients to create art with purpose. From conventional to stylish, to path breaking each of our designs is a statement in itself. Our craftsmen hailing for every corner of the country, add to our philosophy and knowledge, making LBV a pool of infinite wisdom on the subject of crafting jewellery.

The golden book and all it’s wisdom has been reclaimed and returned to the people by LBV. This is our legacy.

Location: La Belle Vie, 65/17, Street No. 7, Panchsheel Colony, Garh Road, Meerut - 250002

Contact Us: +91 928 636 6636 or +91 981 808 1298

Email: sales@labelleviesoul.com