Jewellery Care Tips

With a little love and care, your La Belle Vie jewellery should stay beautiful forever ! Please follow these tips to ensure a long and happy relationship with your silver jewellery! 

- Always store in an airtight, chemical free bag such as a zip pouch made of polyethylene.

- Remove your jewellery before sleeping, bathing, swimming or heavy exercise.

- Avoid chemical, perfumes and moisture when possible. Ideally, your jewellery should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you remove at night.

- Store your jewellery away from heat and direct sunlight.

- If needed, use a soft cloth gently to polish your silver.

- Do not use toothpaste or other chemicals for cleaning unless recommended by your jeweller as they could harm the finish.

- Be gentle with your jewellery –while polishing, secure the clasp to avoid under stress